Saturday, June 28, 2014


Guys, to be honest there is no excuse for a year without updates here. After my graduation i felt like i was in need for a break. 
I've been in Australia for nearly 6 month and now i do some small Jobs and travell as much as possible until i will start University in october. It's been a year full of changes. I learned a lot in this past year, i changed my diet into the rawtill4 and i got so much more energy since than. I did alot of creativ stuff and i definitely  gonna share some of it with you if you'd like. 
I also asked my siblings if they would like to become a part of adashoffashion and two of them agreed to be here from time to tim and my youngest sister, Lili would like to be here on a regular basis. 
I hope you still enjoy to read my blog. I'm happy to be back!

Here we start with a shoot from this morning. Lili goes for a compfy, classic dress with funkey disney mickey mouse leggins. Have a lovely weekend. xx

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