Monday, June 30, 2014


I've been travelling alot this year. I came back from Australia in the and of january. Since than i've been to France and Italy and now to Greece and i'll go to the USA, the netherlands and south africa, maybe austria and england and i'm so excited and so thankful to be able to see so much from the world and meet so many lovely people.
 One of my mums best friends moved to greece a few years ago so my mum flies over once or twice a year to visit her and i always asks her to take me with her. Our visit/vacation was all about greek food, spending all day at the beach/ in the ocean, looking for dolphins, watching sunsets/sunrises/moonrises and getting tanned.
I love to swim in the ocean and i guess if i would live close to one i would do nothing else.
Have you been to greece yet? What is your favorite place for vacations?

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  1. Beautiful photos in this post, keep it up lovely