Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Here is something different for you today- a little room tour or details out of my room. i admit my room is very girly. basically its a mix out of photographs, candles, books, creativity, maps and jewerly. i also made my first video on this to give you a better idea of what my room looks like, i'm not finished editing jet but i'll let you know as soon the video is online! 
how do you like this different kind of post? 
i tag you all to do a room tour/ details post and to leave a link down below so i can get some inspiration for new decoration details. 
thank you x

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Hello guys! I hope you doing good. I have so much to do for university right now, that's crazy. after a year of travelling, working, waking up with the sun, spending as much  time as possible with my loved ones i expected it to be hard to life to a fixed timetable but it's much harder than i thought.
Did somone of you just started uni?
Although its my first autum/fall since two years so i have to do some shopping asap, stay tuned. xx

Monday, October 13, 2014


Different sister and lots and lots of photos from this school day outfit infront of my favorite backround in our garden. We don't have school uniforms here in germany and are allowed to wear anything we want to. Usually we choose something compfy and casual. 
Whats about you? Do you have school uniforms where you live?